Resident Testimonial

From a former resident…

“Shortly before I completed The Camp Treatment Program, The Camp staff took us on a tour of SLE houses in Santa Cruz County. Of all of them, only The Evolving Door house manger Lori personally greeted and welcomed each of us, answering all of our questions. I decided to reside at The Evolving Door and found it to be a warm, supportive, family atmosphere, where everyone was encouraged to make the most of their recovery.

I had to return home after a few months when my father passed away, but managers Lori and Joey and all the residents were there to support me during my time of need. I continued to attend weekly open AA meetings at the house, and The Evolving Door has remained an important and continuing part of my recovery program even though I no longer live there. In many ways I owe my life to The Evolving Door, and I recommend it for anyone who is serious about building a support system for long-term recovery from alcohol or drugs.” -JP