My Journey Passing Through Evolving Door

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My journey in sobriety of nearly 36 years (Sept 1, 1980, is my sobriety day one) has at the present time placed me in Joey and Lori’s Evolving Door SLE. Even though I have this length of sobriety, I am here by choice rather than circumstance. After the loss of my fiance to cancer nearly 6 years ago, the grief was so great that I found myself heading towards what I knew was destruction via picking up a drink or worse. I was making irrational decisions which led to my giving up my studio apartment and was isolating more and more often and skipping on my meetings. I was staying with a friend, and lived under a kitchen table while he drank and I bought him two bottles of vodka per day. I definitely would not have lasted much longer myself. It was at this point last September in 2015 that Joey came to my rescue and picked me and my few meager belongings, at midnight, and took me to his place, The Evolving Door.
My experience here, so far, has been nothing less than miraculous in that I have been given an opportunity where I can re-center myself and continue heading towards my recovery rather than heading towards a relapse (which I have not had so far). I have needed to refocus and realign myself with God’s will for me. This is indeed a place of spiritual healing.
I admire very much the work that Joey and Lori are doing for myself and others. This is a place where the lost can get hope and a new direction for their lives in a productive and self-empowered way with support along the way. They treat people with compassion and understanding yet they are firm and no nonsense in their approach in a loving way that builds character for the individual. Those who need it are taught responsibility by way of required attendance at AA or NA or other recovery meetings, chores assigned to help in discipline and responsibility. Drug or alcohol using or just hanging out with no purpose other than “3 hots and a cot” is not tolerated. Rather people are encouraged to get a sponsor and work a 12 Step program of recovery. Both Joey and Lori go to extreme lengths to help those who are serious about their recovery.
As for myself, I have found direction in being able to sponsor many individuals and encourage others to go to meetings, and as a drug and alcohol counselor, having graduated the College of San Mateo in 2010, am able to offer such services and counseling to those who want it. It has given my life new purpose and meaning.
The last thing I would like mention is the fee for staying here is very reasonable, and in my opinion, I receive much, much more than what appears on the surface in the form of friendship, love, understanding, support and sometimes material needs. The Evolving Door has been a terrific blessng in my life. May God watch over them always.